SkyWay Facts: The Unicar

In SkyWay, there has been developed a whole line of urban transport for different purposes and travel formats. The most comfortable mode of transport for future passenger transportation within the city today is the Unicar.

The Unicar is a compact string transport vehicle with 2 and up to 6 seats. Like most string transport modes, the Unicar runs on the traction electric drive, which is powered by a contact network or an on-board energy storage device. The design of the Unicar makes it possible to connect its individual modules through a rigid coupling.

Interestingly, the first introduced Unicar in the winter of 2018 was precisely a three-section vehicle. It was then shown at the XI International “Transport of Russia” еxhibition. Six months later, the Unicar arrived at the EcoTechnoPark, where its acceptance tests began.

At that time, the three-section Unicar had the following characteristics:

– Dimensions: 10 x 2.4 x 1.65; metres;
– Curb weight: 4.75 tons and 6.1 tons (with passengers and cargo);
– Passenger capacity: 18 seats (3 modules with 6 seats each);
– Speed,: 150 (maximum) km/h and 100 km/h (in the EcoTech Park conditions);
– Energy consumption: — 2.8 litres per 100 km.

Most investors are quite familiar with the modified, tropical Unicar, which is currently being tested at the SkyWay Centre in Sharjah. To ensure continuous operation at +60 degrees Celsius, the engineers have doubled some of the tropical Unicar’s systems, such as climate control, cooling systems and batteries.

In the future, the Unicar will be an ideal replacement for personal transport, as this string vehicle is spacious, comfortable and safe to drive.